Shri C V Anand IPS

Commissioner of Police - Hyderabad, Government of Telangana

Topic : Use of Latest Cyber Technologies in Hyderabad City Police

Dr. Ranjana Nallamalli

DRDO, India

Topic : Cyber Security in Defense

Dr. Sriram B

Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CCoE-DSCI), India

Topic : Data Security in a Hyperconnected World: Implications for Law Enforcement

Smt. Dija S

C-DAC, India

Topic : C-DAC's Cyber Forensics Initiatives

Mr. Rohit Singh

Telesoft Technologies, UK

Topic : Network Visibility and Threat Detection in Encrypted Traffic

Mr. Koren Maor

Tech7, Israel

Topic : India Israel Accelerated Program

Mr. R. Sankara Narayanan

Palo Alto Networks, USA

Topic : ZTNA 2.0

Mr. David Alley

Darkowl, USA

Topic : DarkNet Primer and Intelligence Use Cases

Smt. P R Lakshmi Eswari

C-DAC, India

Topic : C-DAC's Cyber Security & Blockchain Initiatives

Mr. Ajit L Kari

SecurelyShare, India

Topic : Look Beyond Traditional Methods for Confidential Data Sharing

Mr. Chitresh Kundu

Datacipher Solutions, India

Topic : SASE, Attack Surface prevention. Challenges with modern day Cybersecurity

Mr. Amit Bortz

CommuniTake Technologies, Israel

Topic : Secured Communications

Ms. Audelia Boker

Convexum, Israel

Topic : Countering UAVs and Drones

Mr. Shubhomoy Ashutosh Kar

Cognyte Analytics, Israel

Topic : Actionable intelligence needs in new technology environment

Mr. Matias Schapiro

Logical Commander, Israel

Topic : Creating Next Generation Forces

Mr. Syed Hyder


Topic : Simplify Your Network and Security with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and Hybrid SASE

Mr. Rajat Ahlawat

Crystal Blockchain, Netherlands

Topic : Blockchain Analysis

Mr. Dennis Messmer


Topic : Potential of Traffic Management Technology in India

Mr. Michael Crawson

Signum Intelligence, UK

Topic : Cellular Analysis Tool

Mr. Gal Dalali

Oversight, Israel

Topic : Interactive XR technology for improving mission planning and decision making skills

Dr Ryan Clarke

Siren, Ireland

Topic : Utilizing Next-Generation Network Graphs for Precision Targeting and Network Collapse of Threat Groups Vectored Against India

Mr. Navneet Daga

Radware, Israel

Topic : Role of API Security in Digital Transformation

Dr Ori Sasson


Topic : Fighting Cyber Crime with Website and Cloud Forensics

Mr. Jarek Jakubcek

Binance, UAE

Topic : Cryptocurrency Investigations and Binance Assistance to Legal Enforcement agencies globally

Mr. Joseph Abraham

Consul for Trade and Economic Affairs

Topic : Keynote Speech

Mr. Chaim Lafshitz Farkash

Elbit Systems, Israel

Topic : Breaking the silos in the world of Intelligence and Investigations

Mr. Philipp Rozhkov

Social Links, Netherlands

Topic : Countering illicit trade on darknet marketplaces and building a digital criminal profile

Mr. Assaf Danby

Cyabra, Israel

Topic : Measuring Impact & Detecting Disinformation Within Online Conversations

Mr. Mark Bentley

ClearTrail Technologies, India

Topic : Anonymity Vs You: Accelerated WEBINT insights to identify virality, influencers and unmask suspects across social networks.

Mr. Kobi Nave

Prelysis, Israel

Topic : Tracking of Instant Messenger's users

Mr. Gaurav Batheja

iAcuity, India

Topic : Financial Traceability in Combating Crime and Terrorism

Mr. Diptesh Saha

iCyber Defence, UK

Topic : Cyber Crime & Continuous Risk Management

Mr. Krishnadev A

Innspark, India

Topic : Beyond Backups - The Secret to Thwarting Ransomware Attacks and Staying Safe

Mr. Dhiraj Gaur

Recorded Future, UAE

Topic : Criminal Investigations with the help of the Dark Web