Interconnect with Police and Defence Agencies of the region!

Digipol is a unique opportunity for product vendors to demonstrate products and systems to a wide audience comprising of key figures from the police, defence and decision makers with procurement capability.

Digipol promotes DKonnect, a platform that helps in Interconnecting Police, Defence and Security Agencies of the region with best of the companies developing mission critical and cutting edge solutions.

The platform offers a unique opportunity for police and defence agencies to engage with pre-screened vendors for product evaluation and POCs. Focusing on interoperability between defence and security, DKonect brings together police and military officials, end users and decision makers from several states and federal agencies, making this an effective platform for rapid business growth and development.

All exhibitors at the Digipol are listed on the DKonect page where the Police or Defence agencies would like to read or learn about the product portfolio. Most of the time procuring agencies are groping in the dark about competent suppliers and their respective contacts. This platform is a unique platter that helps in networking and interconnecting with the respective buyers who are in search of classified products.

This platform is not just for the exhibitors of the Digipol, other technology suppliers and vendors can also register their products.

The DKonect web page contains the list of all security product suppliers, however the list is visible to registered Police and Defence Agencies only. The agencies that are interested in checking product portfolio needs to register with their official credentials.

The registration at DKONECT is Free for all Product Vendors and Security Agencies. Use the below link for the registration and login.